Trends 2021: The Reimagined Dining Room

Remember that room you only used a few times a year but starting in 2020 it became essential living space? The dining room has come back to life. Even the classic separate dining room space is doing double and triple duty (Hello WFH, Zoom classroom and musical instrument lesson space). But forget formal as today’s dining rooms are functional, kid friendly and space expanding. The focus is on hospitality and warmth. Even dinner parties are going informal: think potluck gatherings over formal sit-downs.

Dining tables and chairs present plenty of optionality. From classic to transitional, contemporary, new minimalist or modern rustic farmhouse, tables like these can be a statement piece. Chairs play the role of chameleon-matching the table in style and substance or totally changing the spirit of the table (eclectic mismatched is in!) to telegraph your unique style.  As the color grey continues to have it's moment, this mid-century modern Parsons chair with it's clean aesthetic, elevates any room.  Are you into a modern tufted look? Then this upholstered Parsons chair with nailhead trim is both comfortable and timeless.  Need something very kid friendly? These faux leather bucket seats are the perfect solution.

5 innovative ideas to distinguish your dining room space:

  • Add a bench: It creates more seating surface and it's fun for the kids.

  • Go natural: Consider lighting and accessories in tried and true materials like wicker or woven seagrass for a fresh and natural energy.

  • Declutter: A display cabinet or console can hold everything from a spare set of dishes to books, art supplies and items you don’t use regularly.

  • Picture This: A collection of what interests you becomes interesting. Frame your children’s artwork (they love that!) or family photographs. Even a shadowbox of mementos from places you’ve visited becomes meaningful art.

  • Add Color: Area Rugs with a splash of optimistic color like turquoise blue, grass green, fresh peach, lilac or red create visual impact in your space. Or go big and bold with a graphic area rug.