Trends 2021: The Kitchen

Now more than ever, the kitchen is the true heart of the home.  And given the enduring home-work-life balancing act, mealtime is family time and the kitchen is the new family room. It’s no wonder “open-concept” is such a sought-after design as kitchen-family-dining room spaces continue to evolve. Not surprisingly, you have realized that you can truly live in every square foot of your home.

As home spaces continue to be reimagined, here are some innovative ideas to keep everything organized, simple and calm while making sure daily essentials are at your fingertips.

Kitchen Must-Have #1: Zones

Create zones for various needs so your most important items are always available. Here are the 4 most popular kitchen zones:

  • Breakfast Zone-Congregate everything you need for the family to have a self-serve breakfast (toaster, blender, mugs, bowls) including a great coffee station for that essential first cup of java.

  • Food Prep Zone-This is where cutting boards, knife drawer and counter space aligns so your prep pieces all live together.

  • Storage Zone-Whether it’s a walk-in pantry or space in a dedicated cabinet, organization is key.  Clear storage containers hold and show everything from almonds to ziti.

  • Communication Zone-A highly visible hub helps organize family schedules, groceries, reminders and more. Explore Wink Wallcoverings: Wink transforms any painted or sealed metal surface into a dry-erase space. You can literally write on the walls!

Kitchen Must Have #2: Counter Seating

Whether it's counter seats or stools, these elevated options put the fun in functionality.   Made of a mix of wood, metal, fabric or leather (real or faux), counter seating like these options will become the most popular spot in the most popular room in your home.  Give little people a grownup highchair so they can do homework while you prep dinner, sit up for that Zoom meeting or enjoy some counter time for two.

Kitchen with Counter Seating