Trends 2021: The Livable Living Room

The silver lining of this past year is how we have all come to realize the importance of the spaces we have. Whether your living room space is a traditional formal living room, or a great room in the hub of the home, it should be functional, comfortable and 100% livable. 

How do you achieve this? Beth Fisher, of Beth Fisher Designs, shared her living room vision:

“I often mix shapes and styles together for an eclectic, curated look where each piece can tell its own story.”

Living room scene


Look for pieces that invite you in while creating contrast that offset the living room elements. For example, a handsome lounge chair creates a modern and refined statement. Pair a squared-off sofa with a curvy coffee table. Combine a soft-edged, sink-into couch with an angular glass console table.  

Since the new going out is staying home, consider investing in a larger HDTV which can be perfectly placed on this multi-functional 3 Shelf and 4 Drawer TV Stand. Great for family movie night or up-close sports viewing.

Additionally, maximizing your living room space is essential as it’s a focal point of any home. Beth Fisher shared this design inspiration: “Often, I find it’s not the size or shape of the room, but rather the selection and use of furniture that creates the illusion of space.”

Consider bunching 2 smaller side tables together with a longer sofa… it can be an expansive, and very cool, look. Don't overlook what's underfoot. From traditional to geometric modern, area rugs lay the groundwork for this redefined space.

Merrick Lane believes there’s an “inner designer” in all of us. Our mission is to help you connect the design dots and beautifully express your living room vision.