Sidle On Up To The Bar(Stool)

Who would have thought that the new favorite chair in the house would be the barstool? (Yeah, it’s been that kind of year).

Just like your home, every barstool has a unique personality with myriad options to choose from. But did you know there are different types of stools (aka: counter seating) for various kitchen elevations? Or that not all barstools are stools? 

What’s Up With Countertop Heights

To really understand barstools and counter seating, you first need to understand the difference in countertop heights.  The standard countertop is between 35”-40” high.  A seat height of 24" fits comfortably here.  Most kitchens have an expanse of countertop, for say food prep, homework or simply hanging around the kitchen island. 

Then there's the elevated bar countertop that's between 41”-43”.  They’re about 6” higher than the standard height and act as a room divider of sorts while hiding any food prep happening below.  A seat hight of 30" fits comfortably here.

Getting Down to (Barstool) Business

Here’s where options abound.  Do you want a barstool that can swivel or remain stationary?  High back or low profile?  Upholstered, wood, leather or easy-to-clean vinyl? Contemporary or more traditional? Adjustable height?  The answer reflects your home, your unique vision for the space and your personal style.  Whatever your individual style may be, there's a barstool with your name on it.  

This adjustable contemporary barstool with curved back and chrome base is as beautiful as it is comfortableOr this timeless classic 30" Bistro style cross back dining stool elevates any interior.

The Ultimate Barstool Hangout: The Man Cave

Is there a guy out there who doesn't want one?  The Man Cave is a place to relax, display cool stuff, watch sports and hang with friends.  Clearly it's trending as online searches for Home Bars went up 277% in the past year, according to  Sounds like it's time to bring out the inner bartender with a dedicated “Bro Bar” and a place for the guys to gather.  What’s your pleasure?  No, not referring to bourbon but rather, barstools.  Consider a space-saving adjustable wood and metal stool for a cool, industrial vibe.  Or this handsome, ergonomic, adjustable height, 360° swivel contemporary barstool with footrest for a little extra cushioning where it counts. 

As you redefine your family kitchen seating, or consider the ultimate Man Cave, it’s easy to pick the perfect barstool, or choose the most comfortable counter seat, with Merrick Lane.