Outdoor Living Trends 2022
Everyone wants more space. With warmer temps coming our way, there’s no better time to re-think and re-do your outdoor living spaces. Whether you need one piece, or a total outdoor reimagining, here are the hottest outdoor trends and inspiring ideas to get you started.

Colors: We’ve already blogged about color trends here and how color and comfort co-exist here.  Outdoor furniture is trending the same.  Bright blues, yellows and greens make people happy and are fun and outside-of-the-box.  More trending colors include gray, white, black, teak and seafoam.  Forever in style are the earthy, neutral hues (think grays, browns, creams and softer blues). So go ahead, jump back in and be fearlessly bold...classically neutral...or mix them up. 

A Roof Overhead: The perfect “roof” for outdoor dining would be a pergola. Pergola’s provide structure, shade and a subtle, filtered lighting effect (consider adding climbing greenery), while presenting a unique natural element to your backyard.  Intersperse string lights for overhead ambience while oversized lanterns on the ground add a touch of candlelight in unexpected places. Underneath the pergola is the perfect spot for upholstered outdoor furniture or table and chairs. Throw in your favorite colorful pillows and an indoor/outdoor area rug and your outdoor dining and living space is complete.

The Timeless Adirondack.  The most classic and modern outdoor chair there is, trending from traditionally styled to a more modern vibe with angular slats.  Adirondack’s also come in classic rockers, with extra room for a pillow or throw to complete the look.  The Adirondack's wide-set, flat arms are the perfect perch for your favorite drink and the colorful Adirondack side tables, which you can mix and match, hold the food. And since these Adirondack options are sourced from sustainable materials, they are easy on the environment and built to last. Win/win.

Sustainability Is Here To Stay. Eco-friendly, recycled and natural materials are big news.  Engineered wood's technological advances are more resistant to water damage, more insulated, and far more stable as a material. The same with all-weather poly-resin wood that won’t splinter, peel or chip and is UV treated to prevent fading. Both are sound environmental choices.

Light My Fire:  Outdoor living wouldn’t be complete without a fire source.  Wood burning or propane fueled, turning up the heat extends the season to a longer portion of the year.

Plant-Based: Greenery is an essential outdoor element.  Whether it’s in-ground trees and flowering shrubs or smaller planters and pots, plants release oxygen and are beautiful and calming to look at.  Tuck furnishings near foliage to really feel the outdoor ambience.  These chic side tables and coffee tables are perfect spots to display colorful florals and simple succulents. Have fun with the pots, too, whether you make them all the same, or a curated collection of colors.

Outdoor Rugs: Define and anchor your outdoor space with an elegant area rug that’s just fine in the rain. 

WFH Outdoors: It’s all about options.  Having a defined work from home outdoor space with both seating and tables allows for flexibility outside of those same four walls. It’s a new twist on a “room with a view.”

Color My Floors: Banish bland concrete and wooden floor space. Consider a porch and floor enamel paint to create an eye-catching graphic design or a serene color underfoot.  (Credit: Sherwin-Williams)

Outdoor living that's easy elegance and affordable to achieve.  You can always find your home on Merrick Lane.