What's Your Interior Design Style?

Contemporary. Traditional. Transitional. Modern. Eclectic.

Which makes you feel most at home?


Are you a mix of classic and comfort? Do you like bringing in refined and beautiful elements into your home and lifestyle?

You love gracious spaces created with elegant wallpaper, patterned, textured or Oriental rugs and matching sets of furnishings. Happiness is a mix of solids, patterns, stripes and florals. Traditional never goes out of style; it simply evolves.


Do you like a blend of modern and classic design? Are you looking for a lighter feel in your furnishings?

Transitional design features a more neutral and solid color palette than Traditional while blending in modern design aesthetics. Fusing monochromatics in larger pieces with pops of color in things like pillows, throws and rugs. Imagine a mix of tufted upholstery with clean lines and furnishings curved in a modern way. Transitional offers the freedom to create that perfect “ahh-haa” moment.


Are you a mix of Modern and Traditional? Is your vibe not too formal, but not too casual?

You are structured, sometimes boldly, yet timeless with neutral elements.

Furnishings feature softened and rounded lines but don’t be surprised to find some linear, earthy elements alongside. It’s a forever evolving style of what’s happening in the here and now.


Do you like a fuss-free, minimalist aesthetic? Is simplicity your middle name?

Inspired by the modernist art movement at the turn of the 20th century, it’s all about clean lines, geometric shapes and a more neutral color palette. Black, white and grey are common, but so are bold statement colors like scarlet and indigo in furniture, accent pillows and accessories. Say hello to metal, glass, synthetics, stone, leather and wood, either faux or real.

At the end of the (busy) day, the Modern look evokes balance and harmony.


Do you like vintage and antiques but prefer to pair them with a more modern or minimalist vibe?

This approach merges multiple design styles that can be unpredictable or asymmetrical. (No rules to break!) Think layered…irregular…creative…as it brings together a blending of textures, time periods, styles and trends without compromising continuity.

Count on Merrick Lane to help connect the design dots so you can uniquely express how you feel most at home.

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