What Are The Healthiest Positions For Sleeping?

Starfish. Soldier. Fetal.  Three of the healthiest and most popular sleep positions. Since you spend one-third of your life with your eyes closed, it's essential to find a sleep position, coupled with a high-quality hybrid mattress, that supports the natural curvature of your spine, relieves pressure points and allows you to face every new day in the best of health.

Most popular: Side Sleeper (aka: Starfish or Fetal)

More than 60% of people sleep on their side.  Why is that so healthy?  Those prone to snoring can experience diminished symptoms.  It helps to alleviate heartburn, promote digestion and lymphatic drainage.  It can minimize mild back and neck pain.

Pregnant? Left side sleeping improves circulation to your heart and the fetus, keeping baby healthier. A supportive pillow under your head and between your knees and thighs will align your spine from hips to head.  

Whether you sleep Starfish with outstretched arms, or all curled up in the cozy Fetal position, going back to your side can provide your best night’s sleep.

Second most popular: Back Sleeper (aka: Soldier or Supine)

Plenty of benefits here, too.  Your spine is aligned and your weight is evenly distributed. Prop your head up a little to relieve nasal allergies and stuffiness that sometimes come from lying flat.  Worried about wrinkles? Sleep on your back to avoid those weird pillow creases on your skin.

But…back sleeping is not great for breathing issues.  Thanks to gravity, back sleeping can negatively affect the flow of oxygen which aggravates snoring and can lead to potentially dangerous episodes of sleep apnea.  (Credit: Sleepfoundation.org)

No matter which positions you find yourself in during the night, the #1 thing you can do for your health is buy the highest quality hybrid mattress you can afford.

Merrick Lane's Hulen and Luna premium hybrid mattresses are built with two support systems: Pocket spring coils and a memory foam layer for an exceptional night's sleep. Their medium-firm rating provides firmness when you lie down and your spine stays aligned without sacrificing body-contouring comfort. The pocket coils provide outstanding motion isolation so if your partner tosses, you won't feel it. 

Beyond the mattress.

A premium mattress deserves a luxurious bed. Create a bedroom that radiates comfort and serenity with an elegant platform bed or chic headboard. Beautiful area rugs assure you are cushioned and cozy underfoot and step out of bed onto a soft surface.

Lucky #7? Maybe not.  If your mattress is over 7 years old, now is the time to switch it out and consider trading up to a larger size: full to queen or queen to king to find your ultimate comfort. Teens in the house? Consider sizing up their mattress from a twin to a full because teens and tweens need all the high quality sleep they can get.

Merrick Lane even has orthopedic memory foam dog beds in three sizes to perfectly fit your fur baby. 

When it comes to mattresses and beds, you can always find your healthiest home on Merrick Lane.