Trends 2021:  Beds & Mattresses

Trending Now: 2021's Go-To Comfort In Beds & Mattresses

If there's one room that should exude luxurious comfort it's the bedroom.  The bedroom is, after all, the most personal and private of spaces and a place you spend one-third of your life.  The best way to create a bedroom that radiates comfort and serenity is to start with an exceptional bed.  Look for notable detailing with an eye towards elegance and timeless design.  A fresh classic like this tufted upholstered platform bed is the perfect place to start and really ups the cozy factor.  Looking for something a bit more low profile? This new modern classic luxury platform bed will have you at "Hello". 

Once you’ve found your perfect bed, make sure you buy the best mattress you can afford because quality sleep touches every part of your waking life, making it easier to stay healthy, maintain an optimal body weight, dial stress way down and think clearly.  Here are some premium hybrid mattress options for a dreamy night’s sleep. 

Then, layer up your bedding with a mix of textures and materials. Think sensuous, soothing and calm.  Natural materials are best against the body such as cotton, linen and silk. 

Cotton is the most widely used fabric, but all cotton isn't created equal. 

  • American Upland cotton is the most commonly used cotton for bed sheets.  Short staple cotton fibers have a slightly rougher touch and are more likely to pill. Seek out long staple cotton fibers for a higher quality and softer feel.
  • Supima, made with Pima cotton, provides a super soft weave and subtle sheen with both strength and durability.
  • Egyptian Cotton, grown in the Nile River Valley, is softer and smoother than regular cotton and is the epitome of luxury in cotton sheeting.  It offers a naturally silky soft texture and exceptional cooling in the warmer months.

Linen is cool in the warmer months and adds warmth in winter.  It will get softer with age and creates a look that’s both messily romantic and stylishly effortless.

Silk sheets are definitely splurge-worthy.  But do your homework as silk sheets are an investment.  Consider a silk pillowcase to help skin and hair stay smooth and retain moisture as you sleep.

Cashmere or a fine wool throw adds a luxe layer for cooler nights. With so many bedding options to choose from, and “no rules” when it comes to making your bed, have fun putting your own unique spin on your own private space.

And finally, make sure you step out of bed onto a soft surface.  Beautiful area rugs assure you are cushioned and cozy underfoot.