Home Office 2.0

The home office has become one of the most functional and important areas of the home.  As we round the curve to 2022, increased flexibility in WFH options and the slow return to in-person, in-office work have made home offices the most necessary room in the home.  

Make it comfortable and conducive to work.  Make it beautiful and peaceful.  Make it a place you enjoy spending a lot of time in. Make it your own.  

As we move forward, let’s look back at these home office trends for ideas and inspirations.

How to pick the best home office chair for your needs. 

Pick a chair, any chair.  Sounds easy, right?  Not so fast.  To make the seat you will undoubtedly be parked in for long periods of time as personalized, comfortable and body-friendly as possible, consider these: 

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Adjustable
  • Lumbar Support

Chair Ergonomics 101

Ergonomic refers to any work related item specifically designed for maximum comfort and efficiency.  An ergonomic office chair is defined by a few essential features:  Seat depth and width to accommodate any user.  Adjustable seat height with pneumatic lever for micro-tweaking your chair’s position to perfection and tons of lower back lumbar love so your spine is in the right position for good seated posture.  If you properly align your shoulders, hips and spine, you can say good bye to slouching, strains and body positions that are less than ideal.  

You deserve major comfort for all those hours in front of your computer, creating Etsy-worthy crafts, writing that great American novel or cookbook, or whatever your home office chair (and home office) is used for.  

Please be seated.

Here are some top choices for home office chairs that offer sought-after design aesthetics and the ultimate in comfort for optimal back health.

Looking for an ergonomic chair that cradles your backside with a modern design that's totally fresh and adds ample eye candy? This contemporary home office chair has every bell & whistle including adjustable seat, 360° swivel plus tilt and tension controls. 

Seeking minimalist appeal? This armless office chair sports an ergonomic design, low back and contemporary vibe.  It provides perfect "cush" and plenty of comfort. 

Perhaps a new twist on timeless? This high back, ergonomic padded office chair in an elegant and durable faux leather upholstery comes in black or white. The sleek chrome frame sports pneumatic height adjustment, padded arms, tilt and tension knobs and essential 360° swivel. 

Prefer to mesh-it-up? This high mesh-back office chair with padded arms  is not only elegant and sleek but has every seat adjustment you could ask for.  It also has a convenient rear jacket bar.

Did someone say modern classic? This contemporary leather office chair comes in a variety of colors and metal finishes for any decor.  A 360° swivel seat, dynamic height adjustment and tilt and tension knobs creates a personalized seat angle to expertly cradle your body.